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Geody supports the following applications.
Download and install them on your system to take advantage of all features on Geody's website.
They are all available for free.


Google Earth (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)
A virtual globe wrapped by satellite and aerial imagery developed by Google. Since version 4.2 includes Google Sky to explore the sky.

NASA Worldwind (Windows)
A virtual globe wrapped by satellite and aerial imagery developed by NASA.

American Astronomical Society WorldWide Telescope (Windows)
A virtual globe wrapped by satellite and aerial imagery by the American Astronomical Society, based on Microsoft's Visual Experience Engine.

Celestia (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)
Virtual space exploration in three dimensions.

Stellarium (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)
A virtual planetarium.
Unfortunately Stellarium currently doesn't support its file type (STS), so that it's a bit tricky to view Geody search results into Stellarium. This is the procedure: from the location (in the search result's page), click on the link "Stellarium", and save the file "geomark.sts" on your hard disk. Copy it to the Stellarium script directory (on Windows normally "C:\Program Files\Stellarium\data\scripts" ). Start Stellarium. Press "M" to open the hidden menu. Press cursor down until you reach the menu item "Scripts". Press "Enter", you should see "Script locale: Select and exit to run.". Press "Enter again". Press cursor down until you see the script you want to execute (geomark.sts), then exit the menu pressing "M" again, and you'll finally see the sky above the selected place.

Web browser

Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)
Although Geody is designed to work with all main browsers, we recommend Mozilla Firefox for a better browsing experience.

Cortona (Windows)
VRML viewer plug-in for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Search Geody from the Google toolbar (OS independent)

Search Geody bookmarklet (OS independent)
Add this link: "Search Geody" to your browser's bookmarks (or favorite links), then you can select the name of a place or a coordinate from any web page and click on the bookmarklet in your bookmarks (or favorites) to search such place or coordinates with Geody. If you haven't selected any text, you'll be prompted for a place name or coordinates.

Photography Tools

Scales and Rulers for Forensic Photography of Crime Scenes and Archaeological Excavation Photography
A complete set of free printable scales, rulers, and id markers for Forensic Photography and Archaeological Excavation Photography.

Other downloads

Geody wallpapers
Download wallpapers for your computer or cellular phone.

Geody Calendars
Download calendars as .ics or .csv file format

Star Charts (Sky Maps)
Charts of the sky at different latitudes and time of the year

Geody Labs
Scripts and Documents developed by Geody

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